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April 2018

We have published the new DARS charges for 2018/19 on the NHS Digital website at:


All applications received on or after 1stApril 2018 will be subject to these new fees (those still in progress received before this date will be charged as per the 2017/18 model).

If you have already submitted an application to NHS Digital and want to know more about the new costs of the 2017/18 cost model please contact your assigned Case Officer. If you want to discuss a new application you have yet to submit to NHS Digital please contact us.

August 2017


When applying to extend an existing agreement you will now be presented with a set of improved screens:

Extension display

IRAS Reference

If applying for research purposes please include your IRAS reference number and research sponsor details as part of your evidence:

IRAS Display

From 1st June 2017 we will only accept applications under one of the following two scenarios where the Information Governance Toolkit is being provided as the Security assurance on your application :-

June 2017

Improved data selection screen in the product loop:

Improved data selection screen in the product loop

Improved DSA Details screen:

Improved DSA Details screen

Improved change button experience :

Improved change button experience

February 2017 R2

View summary screenshot

View summary screenshot2

February 2017

Home page screenshot

Tracker screenshot

January 2017 R2

Product summary display example

January 2017 R1

Menu bar example

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