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Data Access Request Service

From 1st June 2017 we will only accept applications under one of the following two scenarios where the Information Governance Toolkit is being provided as the Security assurance on your application :-

New features


When applying to renew an existing agreement you will now be presented with a set of improved screens. You can use the ‘data’ screen to request more of the same data, you have been previously approved to receive.

Renew Data display


The way in which cohort data is handled is changing. These changes will better align the way in which cohorts are validated and processed.

Cohort data should be submitted, (once your agreement has been approved) as a .CSV file and you will now be asked to select which DATA ITEMS you are planning to provide and want us to validate against as part of your application.

If you require a ‘minimum cohort validation rate’ you can provide additional DATA ITEMS, this will increase your chance of validating more of your data and returning a higher cohort validation rate.

Cohort1 Display

The following questions about validation are for indicative purposes only, until further notice, and will help us better understand what your future requirements are.

Cohort2 display

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