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August 2021

We are prioritising requests for data relating to managing the pandemic as urgent requirements. This means that other applications or enquiries may be delayed.

In the meantime, please refer to the DARS guidance and standards to ensure you have addressed all the information requested before submitting your application.


July 2021

There has been a change made to the Data Sharing Agreement Terms and Conditions. Section 1.1 has been updated to include the new address details for NHS Digital Head Office and the term ‘Data Recipient’ has been replaced with ‘Recipient’. All Data Sharing Agreements that have not yet been signed have been updated. If you downloaded a copy of the data sharing agreement before 02/07/2021 please download a new copy to see the changes.


December 2020

Any Data Sharing Agreements created or signed after 09/12/2020 will be presented with the new layout.

A change has been made to the Data Controller and Data Processor section of the application to remove unnecessary duplication in these sections.

When completing information about the Data Controllers a new question is now included which asks, ‘Will the Data Controller also be processing the data?’. If the answer is ‘Yes’: there is no need to add this organisation to the Data Processor section as well.

All Data Processors who are not listed as a Data Controller must still be included in the Data Processor section.

These changes mean that in the Data Sharing Agreement the presentation in Annex A of section 1B and 1C has altered.

Where a Data Controller is processing data the organisation and related details will continue to show in full in section 1B (Data Controllers), including whether the organisation is also permitted to process the data.

In section 1C, the organisation name will be listed as an organisation permitted to process the data, but the full details will no longer be included.


November 2020

Important updates to the HES products, affecting users of HES_ID, for further information please use the following link - https://digital.nhs.uk/data-and-information/data-tools-and-services/data-services/hospital-episode-statistics/hospital-episode-statistics-data-changes-in-2021


May 2020

Charges apply for data applications including COVID19-related data requests.

To support the response to the coronavirus outbreak, NHS Digital has been asked to establish a central collection of GP patient data for COVID-19 purposes for the duration of the coronavirus emergency period, under the COVID-19 Public Health Directions 2020 (COVID-19 Direction). More information about this requirement is contained in the Data Provision Notice (https://digital.nhs.uk/about-nhs-digital/corporate-information-and-documents/directions-and-data-provision-notices/data-provision-notices-dpns/gpes-data-for-pandemic-planning-and-research) published on 14 May 2020. Access to GPES Data for Pandemic Planning and Research (COVID-19) can now be applied for.

Please be aware that this data set has a specific application process (https://digital.nhs.uk/services/data-access-request-service-dars/gpes-data-process-for-assessing-requests) and data is only available for planning and research for COVID-19 purposes. It is not available for any other purposes.  


The first step is to apply via the NHS X front door at  agem.covid-19datasharing@nhs.net attaching Form E to the email prior to completing your application on DARS online.


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